Seventh-day Remnant VOICE

Vol. 1, No. 1, August, 2004

Published by the Seventh-day Remnant Publishing Association, P.O. Box 1283, Lincoln, California 95648. Phone 800 372-9765.


Another magazine? Donít we have enough already? Iím sure if you havenít said this out loud, you have thought it.

First off, let me tell you what this isnít. It isnít to start another ministry to ask you for your funds. It isnít to support any single, existing ministry, either.

Now, let me tell you what it is for. As you can tell from the first article, we recognize that we are in another movement, the last one. Several others have recognized this, too. We do not intend to take over and run this movement. God is doing that already. We only want to be recognized as a part of it, and give it a VOICE.

The next thing you are going to ask is, "Why me? Why did I get on your subscription list?" Well, we have to start somewhere. You were on another mailing list that receives newsletters from ministries involved in the last message of mercy. We suspected that you would be interested. If you are not, please write (or call at 1-800-372-9765, or e-mail at the Subscription Manager and your name will be promptly removed and you will see no more issues. We understand that some may not want to receive the magazines but will still want to see them anyway. Therefore they will all be available on our web site,

There also may be others who are not interested enough to ask that their name be removed from our list. To keep our expenses down and to accommodate these we have put a date on your label. If we do not hear from you by then we will drop you from our list and you will no longer receive the VOICE.

To start with there is no subscription charge. Yes, it does cost to publish and mail. Your donations are gratefully accepted. Those donations will determine the frequency of future publications. Perhaps, in the future, we will ask for a specific donation for the subscription but we are not doing that now.

Right now we are planning one issue each month for four months. That will enable us to get the studies to you in a brief form that can be more easily digested. If you canít wait, the studies in the first four issues are available right now on the web site.

In this issue there are three articles of interest that help us to understand our place in this time of the end. There is a reprint of an article from Sister White. There is a recipe section. There is a story for the young at heart.

If you want to contribute, please submit your articles and suggestions to the editor. It would be appreciated if they could be on disk or via e-mail to save the expense of re-typing them.

Since this is to be the VOICE of the movement, we want to hear from you. There will be a Letters to the Editor section starting in the next issue. We expect this to become the biggest section of all. Here is the meeting place of all of our ideas. Here is where you can take an active part even if you do not have the skills necessary to write an article.




  • Another Movement 1
  • Editorial 2
  • Story for the young 3
  • Sanctification 4
  • 7 Churches 4 Movements 5
  • Recipe and Poem 6
  • Battle Over the Name 10



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